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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I tried not to blog about politics ...

Who can ignore what's going on? What's up with the amounts of money our Senators have been taking from the health care companies? And I've been watching the cheering reactions from the right about Chicago losing the Olympics. Don't these people realize that they are cheering against their country which they are supposedly trying to save from the scary socialists. Which brings me to, what's so bad about socialism? Scary socialist countries like England and France were are allies in the "War against terror", guess they weren't so scary when were were trying to get them into an unnecessary war. WTF.

This feels like pre-Nazi Germany. The rhetoric of hate being spewed by people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck besides being dangerous, makes my stomach turn. This allowing people to show up with guns to town hall meetings where Obama is speaking is just ridiculous.

I watched Micheal Moore's documentary yesterday and although it was eye opening at some points it was not his best work. What did strike me though was the clip he showed of FDR. The last public speech before his death proposing the second bill of rights which included such guarantees as a job with a living wage, an adequate place to live and health care for everyone. Wow - socialist ideas there, maybe someone should be spewing hate against FDR.

Where are the men and women of vision and conscience now? I thought Obama was one of those people of vision and conscience, but he keeps backing down. He's not fighting for what he knows is right. He's not drawing a line in the sand that he should be able to with a filibuster proof Senate

I just get this bad feeling that things are about to escalate. This country is going to give in to the fear mongering and the hate and the lies and something bad is going to happen. I'm not sure what form it will take, but I wish whatever it was, we could avoid it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Editor Kate Duffy passes away

I was devastated to hear of Kate's passing. She was the first person in the industry to give me real encouragement and I'm not sure I would be published without her. Her exact words at reading the synopsis to my first book was, "Damn girl, you can plot." She loved romance novels as much as she loved being an editor, which is why she was such a brilliant one. She will be sorely missed both by me and by the whole romance writing community. Goodbye Kate, I hope you're somewhere with all the character's you loved so much.