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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Dec 3 - Why I'm not ready for winter

1) Its like that quirky Aunt. You love her, you like spending time with her, you're even excited that she's coming. The only problem is at some point you get really sick of her and can't wait til she goes.

2) I have to keep track of gloves! I lost 3 pair last year. Even was scouring the stores in March trying to find another pair (good luck right?) Now I have a brand new pretty pair of isotoners, wonder how long they'll last.

3) Chicago Grey - I've heard rumor of a large yellow ball that sometimes appears in the sky and makes everything bright. I would really like to experience that phenomenon.

4) Getting way to old to shovel. I remember the last snow storm we had. By the time I finished shoveling off my car and the mess the snowplow made behind it, I felt like I had been tackled by a Bears linebacker.

5) Sloppy doggy paws. 'nuff said

6) Have to listen to 3 months of my mother calling from Florida to ask, "how's the weather" ... and ... Have to listen to 3 months of my mother calling from Florida to tell me how lovely it is there.

7) Scaly skin. The heater has only really been on for a few weeks and already my legs look like a snake shedding its skin. I slather on an ocean of moisturizer and I still reside in ichy hell. Curse the builder who put my furnace in the ceiling with no room for a humidifier! Curse the humidifiers that get almost as scaly as I do!

8) No more Farmer's Market. I feel like I'll never eat fresh produce again.

9) Christmas Season. I've started my moratorium on malls until after New Years. My ears are already bleeding from Christmas music. "I'm just a Jew, a lonely Jew, I'd be merry, but I'm Hebrew, I'm just a lonely Jew, on Christmas" Thanks for that one Kyle!

10) The last time my clumsy ass slipped on the ice and ended up in the ER seems a distant memory, until there's ice on the ground again.

11) I've forgotten to turn off my outside water ... Rut Roh!

12) No more walks by the lake .. at least none that don't involve frost bite.

13) Socks! I hate wearing socks! I feet need to breath. They need to be free. They get pissed at me when they've been cooped up in socks all day.

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