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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday 13 Jan 14, 2010 - Why I HATE being sick

1. Its so damn expensive. Been to the Walgreen's clinic twice and to the doctor once, plus a strep test and countless cough drops and decongestants. All told spent about $400 and they still really have no idea why I'm sick. The latest theory is a sinus infection.

2. Taking drugs. I try to be careful about taking anti-biotics so I won't get resistant of them. Well I got desperate when the pain in my throat reached a pain level of 8. I've taken 2 courses of Amoxicillin and now he's got me on Levaquil, which by the way is $17 per pill without insurance $3 with insurance. Pharmaceutical bloodsuckers.

3. No sleep. I wish I was one of those people who could sleep when they're sick. Slightest discomfort and I'm awake ugh!

4. Not getting anything done. My to do list is so long I had a panic attack.

5. No human contact. I'm just laying around my house like a hermit.

6. Feeling yucky. I turn into a 5 year-old

7. No sleep - this was a biggy, needed to be in there twice.

8. Can't make plans - Hate having to say, "We'll see how I'm feeling".

9. Horrible health insurance. I know I come back to the money thing, but hey I'm unemployed. $500 a month for private health ins and it has a $5k deductible so its completely useless.

10. Doctors who no longer "get you in" when your sick. My doctors office actually told me to go to the clinic because he couldn't see me for 3 days.

11. I never know what to eat. Don't have the energy to cook so I'm spending even more money on take-out. (and yes I seem to be a bit obsessed about money these days).

12. Feeling like I'm never going to be healthy again.

13. Being emotional. I seem to be really emotional when I'm sick. I've been crying at the oddest television shows.

Oh well. Hopefully the next TT I'll be all better and my list will be a bit more fun!

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