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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday 13 - Jan 7, 2010 Happy New Year!

Here are 13 of my favorite photo's I've taken. Unfortunately some of my real favs were lost when my last computer died. Gotta love when you thought you've got everything backed up and find out the hard way you don't ... grrr. But here's the best of what's left. Hope you enjoy.

Sunrise in South Padre Island

Botanic Gardens Chicago this past summer

South Padre again

Chicago Skyline from Northwestern Island - we use this photo for The Lake Michigan Writers Collective Blog

Fountain at one of the famous houses in Charleston, SC I can't remember which house

A yellow rose in my backyard after the rainfall

Boardwalk at the RT convention in Daytona Beach - was playing with the sepia feature on my new camera :)

Another one from the Romantic Times convention in Daytona Beach

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago - it was like he posed for the picture

From Boca - Can you see the woman in the left side of the tree?

Reflections from my parent's pool in Boca

The escalator at Dupont Station in Washington DC - this is one of my absolute favorites"

The moon taken from my new toy - a camera that attaches to my telescope"

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